The Right Type For The Right Situation Pellami Barone

The right leather riding jacket for the right situation is an important mantra all riders should learn to adapt. The situation may be a hot summer day, rainy winter evening, or maybe a foggy morning. There is an appropriate type of motorcycling jacket for all types of weather and temperature. Selecting the correct type is essential to maximize your enjoyment and safety.

A traditional leather jacket is optimal for the picture-perfect warm and sunny day. It will offer great protection for all of your upper body while keeping you warm and giving mild ventilation. This is an essential part of every motorcyclist’s wardrobe and one is likely to sport this jacket most often. These jackets often come in many colors and designs due to the large expanses of leather on areas such as the back and the arms.

A bomber style jacket is another crucial addition to a motorcyclist’s closet (especially one in colder regions). While looking similar to the traditional leather jacket, bomber-style jackets offer additional insulation made of a variety of comfortable materials such as wool or sheepskin. Originally designed for pilots that flew in extremely cold weather, this useful style of leather jacket quickly was picked up by motorcyclists traveling in cold weather.

Leather vests give an alternative to the full leather jackets worn by most. One could simply wear just the vest on extremely hot days to stay cool or wear it over your full leather jacket on colder days. Designs on the back of vests are extremely common and many motorcycling groups prefer to put their insignias and patches on the back of a leather motorcycle vest. Keep in mind that for maximum safety one should always wear a full leather jacket with the vest.